My name is Michelle Gemmeke, and I am on a mission to solve problems.

Studying Communication and Multimedia Design, I knew design would be the right fit for me. I’ve taken on different roles within the design spectrum since then, soaking up as much experience and wisdom as I can. Now I am looking for the new chapter in my adventure.

“If we are able to institutionalise empathy we would be at a better place as an organisation and as a society.”

TS Balaji, Vice President Product Design at LogMeIn) on Design Better podcast
When we won the Media van Morgen Award 2018 with The Playwall

My journey

student · 2011-2015

I studied Communication and Multimedia Design, which taught me the aspects of content, design, development and project management. With user centered design at the core. Next to studying I enjoyed being on the board of the student union.

user interface designer · 2014-2016

In the last year of my studies I did an internship at Unc Inc, a digital agency in Amsterdam. Their mission is to make digital products for purpose driven brands like Vandebron and Brenger. I was responsible for the first steps in the process of determining, together with the client, what the purpose of the website was, what content and pages we will be need and what the flow of human-computer​ interaction is.

user experience designer · 2016-2018

Next, I started working at Epiphany Research Based Consultancy as a user experience designer. Here I was responsible for visually translating a questionnaire into an digital interactive survey based on ‘Conversation Design’. We gathered qualitative insights from target groups that are normally difficult to reach in a quantitative way.

freelance visual designer · 2017-2018

Besides my work as a designer at Epiphany I also did some illustration assignments and was working as a freelance designer for the start-up The Playwall. Here we were designing a dashboard and a mobile-friendly 5-question-survey user interface.

managing director / founder · 2018-2019

In the summer of 2018 I quit my job to start for myself. I have always wondered if I could live like an artist and knew that if I ever wanted to try it, this was my chance. Feel free to check out gemmi.nl if you would like to know more about that.

freelance user experience designer · 2019

As I was working on my own business I got the opportunity to keep one foot in design by working for Paralax, experts in resource planning. As they are going through a strategical change they asked my team to help them with a new online identity, including the necessary research before designing and building a website.

Will your company be next?

Why should you hire me?

I’ve asked some former colleagues and friends why they think a company should hire me, this is the summary of their feedback:

Design skills

  • Understanding the importance of being user-focused
  • Starting with the why, and trying to understand the problem first
  • Study and experience in UX design
  • Good visual design skills
  • Understands the value of consistency
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, generating new ideas to improve on things

Soft skills

  • Good communication skills, which is essential to be a good designer
  • Good argument skills, paired with the willingness to listen
  • Reliable and honest
  • Takes ownership and keeps things in motion
  • Tight connection with engineers, stakeholders and managers
  • Team player and a pleasant personality to work with